Fall 2017

August 2017
Welcome back! An overview of deadlines and information about LAC and program assessment of student learning to date can be found on our website.

We are piloting several new services this semester to help you in your assessment work:

Data Collection Assistance – IREP can help your department with data collection! Have a stack of rubrics that need to be reported? – send them to us. Using a locally administered standardized test? – we can pull the data from survey software or moodle. We will be in touch with assessment liaisons about how we can help you.

Assessment Plan Presentations – To streamline communication during the Year 3 reflection semester (spring), we are piloting a facilitated program faculty meeting with the dean and associate director of assessment present. This meeting would serve as the vehicle for program discussion of the 3 reflection questions for Year 3 programs

Assessment Plan Rubric – To better facilitate program assessment of student learning, we are piloting this rubric as a medium for providing feedback on assessment plans.