Student Achievement

In accordance with federal law and regional accreditation standards, UNC Asheville sets overall goals for student achievement. Our Key Student Completion Indicator is the 6yr graduation rate from UNC Asheville for full-time first-time students. Detailed information on this and other metrics, along with thresholds of acceptability and five year persistence and graduation targets, are provided below.

Persistence to Graduation

To see retention, graduation, and persistence rates by racial/ethnic group and/or sex, please visit the following dashboards:

High Impact Experiences

UNC Asheville is a public liberal arts university which prioritizes experiential, interdisciplinary learning. Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research, study abroad, service learning, internships for credit, honors, and campus employment, all high-impact learning opportunities that are strongly predictive of academic and career success. Students are encouraged to take part in at least one and ideally three or more of these opportunities before they graduate. Transfer students are with us for less time and thus have fewer opportunities for these experiences but are also encouraged to take part in these experiences. The data below shows the proportion of graduates who participated in these high-impact practices.