Students want more support thinking about post-graduation


In the most recent continuing student survey, we learned that more than half of our students want more support in understanding what they can do with their degree and figuring out what they want to do when they leave UNC Asheville (57.3% and 51.7% of students responded agree or strongly agree to the following statements, I wish I had more help understanding what I could do with my degree and I wish I had more help figuring out what I want to do when I leave UNC Asheville )

We were curious about the work of the Career Center. Lisa Mann helped us understand that in their office “Careers are more than just finding one job– they’re all about being prepared for the events of life and the opportunities and setbacks everyone encounters throughout their lives. We talk with students about how to prepare for what’s next, rather than building a 40 year career plan, because that’s what makes the most sense for the students graduating today.”

Did you know…

  • Only 15% of students take advantage of the career center
  • 20% of Career Center appointments are with alumni, most often less than 5 years out who did not take advantage of our services while completing their degree.

The Career Center offers career coaching for free to all students: they can talk about who they want to be, where they want to be and what impact they want to have on the world. Curious to know what a successful students’ preparation for post-graduation looks like? Check it out!