Successful Trial Submission to New UNC Student Data Mart

Posted by Michael Gass on Sept. 7, 2015

This past year IREP has been working with institutional research and technology personnel in the UNC General Administration Office – and, on campus, with Information Technology Services, the Registrar’s Office, and the Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid – to design, develop and test new automated processes for the transfer of student information from UNC Asheville’s enterprise data system (Banner) into the UNC System’s new data warehouse.

Harold Thomas, Assistant Director of Institutional Research, managed a successful trial census-date submission to the new UNC Student Data Mart at the end of August, and is now comparing the results of this submission to the traditional submission of census data via SAS data sets. All quality assurance testing must be completed by January, when student data for the spring semester will be officially submitted via the new system.  At that time, the traditional SAS-file submission processes will be discontinued.

IREP is in the early stages of designing a new institutional data warehouse that will be modeled after the UNC System data warehouse.  Development of this new database, and of new reporting processes sourced by that database, will begin in earnest next spring and summer.

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