Program Assessment of Student Learning in 2016-17

Posted by Amanda Werts on May 19, 2017

The purpose of program assessment of student learning is to make sense of student learning across a department or program’s curriculum. UNCA follows a three-year cohort model.

34 academic programs participated in the campus program assessment of student learning process during 2016-17.

11 programs were in year three. The goals for these programs were to (1) conclude three years of data collection, (2) reflect on and make meaning of that data, and (3) construct the next iteration of their program’s assessment plan.

Of the programs in year three, after review of data, 73% plan to revise assessment methods, 45% plan to revise student learning objectives, and 36% plan to revise the curriculum.

12 programs were in year one. The goals for these programs were to (1) finalize revision to the program’s assessment plan revised based on data collection (in the three years prior) and (2) begin the first year of data collection.

10 programs were in year two. The goals for these programs were to (1) continue data collection and (2) if necessary, make adjustments in the assessment plan.

In 16-17, we instituted a new reflection form (using Google forms) for programs in year three to clarify the purpose and process of reviewing and making sense of three years of student learning data. The form was then used to facilitate conversations with the department, chair, and dean about the data.

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