Enrollment Milestones

Posted by Michael Gass on Sept. 22, 2015

The fall 2015 edition of the Enrollment at a Glance report is now available.1

Some important facts to note from the report data:

  • The current enrollment of 3,891 students is a historic high for UNC Asheville, and represents an increase of 4 percentage points over last year’s fall term enrollment of 3,746.
  • This increase in total student enrollment is powered by: (i) a sharp uptick in first-time students entering after high school – 737 students entering this term compared to 633 students entering in the fall term last year; and (ii) a greater proportion of early to late enrollees for extension classes – 69 students enrolled on the tenth day of this term compared to 32 students enrolled at the same time last year.
  • The increase in new high school admits co-exists with a slight decline in the number of new transfer admits (316 this fall as compared to 367 last fall), resulting in a one-year shift of 7 percentage points in the proportion of new high school admits to all new baccalaureate admits – 70% this fall as compared to 63% last fall.
  • Minority students now account for 17.6% of new students, and for 14.7% of all students, both all-time highs for UNC Asheville.
  • The six most popular undergraduate majors continue to be Psychology, Biology, Environmental Studies, Health & Wellness Promotion, English, and Management.  The two fastest-growing undergraduate majors are Engineering and Computer Science.

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1This is a new report, replacing three older reports (Student Profile, Majors, and Five Year Trends). Please note that: (i) the report population includes both regular (resident credit) enrollments and extension (distance learning) enrollments; and (ii) the numbers in the report, including extension student headcounts (in Tables 1 and 2) and student headcounts by academic major (in Table 3), reflect enrollments at the tenth day of the term, and so do not incorporate either subsequent registrations in extension classes after the tenth day, or subsequent declarations of, and changes in, academic major after the tenth day.  An end-of-term version of the report that does incorporate these changes will be published in January 2016.