First Year Pilot a Success!

We learned that students who participated in the First Year Experience (FYE) pilot project are more likely to feel connected than first year students who were not in pilot classes. They were more likely than other First Year students enrolled in HUM 124, LANG 120, and FYS 178 to:

  • Believe that their learning was very important to their professors (46% of pilot students strongly agree compared to 32% of non-pilot students)
  • Have at least one close friend at UNC Asheville with whom they can talk about important things (13% of non-pilot students strongly disagree compared to only 3% of pilot students)
  • Have a stronger perception of their own physical health and social self-confidence (41% and 35%, respectively, of pilot students rated themselves as above average compared to 31% and 28%, respectively, of non-pilot students

We asked the FYE faculty leaders (Kate Zubko, Regine Criser, & Jessica Pisano) in a recent brown bag (link to brown bag talk coming soon!) to tell us a little about what made this pilot so successful. They explained that (1) using data helped identify and address issues first year students’ needs (specifically connection) and intentionally construct student experiences to address those needs, and (2) thoughtful collaboration with student affairs staff provided an opportunity to connect students’ classroom experiences with their experiences outside the classroom..

Check out this neat assignment by the Taylor Sykes (LANG 120), Evan Cuozo (FYS 178), and Jeremy Phillips (HUM 124) POD, where students wrote actual letters (with postage!) to other students that one of the class PODs did!

We can’t wait to see how this will inform experiences for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.