Evidence of Student Learning


Detailed measurement of student success and assessment results are available below.  Click on the assessmnt you are interested in for more information on each.

Student Achievement and Success

In accordance with SACSCOC policy statement "Institutional obligations for public disclosure" approved in June 2014 by the SACSCOC Board of Trustees, UNC Asheville has published a webpage with student achievement and success information.

From the Policy Statement: 

"A candidate or accredited SACSCOC institution is obligated to provide to its students, constituents, and the public information about itself that is complete, accurate, timely, accessible, clear and sufficient. Information provided to the public includes the following:
• The institution publishes statements of its goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving those goals. Information on student success may include reliable information in retention, graduation, course completion, licensure examinations, and job placement rates and other measures of student success appropriate to institutional mission."

To view our information, click here.

National Survey of student Engagement (NSSE)

To view information about NSSE such as how often UNC Asheville administers it, click here. Then select National Survey of Student Engagement from the menu at the bottom.

To view our most recent NSSE results, click here.

Liberal Arts Curriculum Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results

---Results will be available after Fall 2016------