Differences in Staff and Faculty Experiences

We all know that our experiences as employees can be different, but have you ever wondered what the data says about the differences between faculty and staff experiences?

For instance, take the following question: “There is a good balance of teaching, service and research at this institution.”

  • 63% of Adjuncts
  • 61% of EHRA Staff
  • 30% of Faculty; and
  • 65% of SHRA Staff

Agreed with the statement.

Before making conclusions about these data points, let’s think about each other’s perspectives. I wonder, what comes to mind when an SHRA staff member thinks about balancing teaching, research and service at UNC Asheville? What about a faculty member?

The difference tells me that the overall faculty experience is potentially very different from the staff (SHRA staff) experience when it comes to teaching. It also provides us with an opportunity to better understand each other’s experiences.

A couple weeks ago, Amanda Bell gave a presentation about the unique perspectives of employees based on job classification (i.e. Faculty, SHRA, EHRA Staff, and Adjunct; the presentation used data from the Employee Engagement survey administered in January 2020). In the presentation, she  talked about several different phenomena that faculty and staff experience differently. If you were not on the call, listen here for the full presentation (45 minutes)