Assessment Plans

General Education – LAC

YearLAC OutcomeAssessment Method
17-18Quantitative & Scientific ReasoningStandardized test administered to sample of entering and graduating students in Spring 2018
18-19WritingJuried faculty assessment in summer 2019 of student work collected in Fall 2018.
19-20Critical ThinkingJuried faculty assessment in summer 2020 of student work collected in Fall 2019.
Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) administered to sample of entering and graduating students in Spring 2020.
20-21Intercultural UnderstandingJuried faculty assessment in summer 2021 of student work collected in Fall 2020.
21-22Interdisciplinary PerspectivesJuried faculty assessment in summer 2022 of student work collected in Fall 2021.

Programs – All credential granting programs

Program Assessment takes place across a three year cohort – based cycle. A list of programs by cohort can be found here.

UNCA follows a three year cohort model.

  • In year one, the program finalizes its assessment plan and begins to collect data.
  • In year two, the program continues data collection, adjusting the plan (i.e. assessment methods, objectives) as needed.
  • In the former part of year three, the program finalizes data collection. The latter part of the third year, the program spends deliberate attention considering the programmatic strengths and weaknesses of student learning based on the data that has been collected, makes changes (if applicable) based on that data and reflection, and uses the data to develop the next iteration of the program’s plan. Programs must answer the following questions based on three years of data collection:
    • (1) What do the data mean (a) in terms of data collection & the assessment process and (b) in terms of student learning in the program?
    • (2) What questions does the program have about student learning that are not addressed by the data collected?
    • (3) What does the program plan to do differently based on this data?
Phase in Cohort CycleAction Items
Year 1
  • Implement assessment plan
  • Collect data
Year 2
  • Oversee assessment plan for relevance, workload, and usability
  • Collect data
Year 3
  • Collect data
  • Review and reflection upon 3 years of data collected for patterns of student learning
  • Create new assessment plan based on data collected and reflection